Village Treasurer Retires After 22 Years

Saying Farewell to an Old Friend

After 22 years of service to the Woodmere community, Village Treasurer Tom Cornhoff is retiring at the end of May, planning to spend more time with his family in Texas.

“Tom Cornhoff is an institution when it comes to financial leadership. Woodmere Village was enriched by his service and knowledge,” says Mayor Ben Holbert.

“Tom was a steady hand with a calming demeanor. We wish him well in his retirement, it is well-deserved and we will never forget his contribution to the Village of Woodmere and the citizens of this wonderful community.”  

Tom shares that he’s had many proud accomplishments over the years, including experiencing ten audits without a single finding for recovery. He saw many changes throughout his tenure in the Village, including the utilization of computers, Eton renovations, and leading the charge on an income tax increase initiative, which he successfully encouraged voters to pass with an overwhelming 58% back in 2009. He also helped grow the general fund from less than 50,000 back in 2009 to nearly 1.6 million by 2016.

“While Woodmere continues to improve the aesthetics of the community, it is viewed as a thriving, beautiful gem and I am sincerely proud to be affiliated with the Village,” says Cornhoff.  

“My favorite part of working for Woodmere is Mayor Benjamin Holbert III and his staff, the Council, business community, and those fantastic Woodmere Village residents.  I will miss each and everyone of them,” Tom says.   

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