Service Department

Keeping Woodmere Beautiful

Our responsibilities include the maintenance of Village streets and right-of-ways, facilities and grounds as well property as Village vehicles and equipment. Our residential services include rubbish collection twice a week with a separate recycling pickup, snow plowing service to qualified homeowners, trash can liners annually and table / chair loans, all provided at no charge.

Additional services at a nominal fee include debris removal, light grading, special trash pickup of heavy items and material deliveries for those small projects (mulch, topsoil, and sand gravel).

Woodmere Service Department
3636 Maplecrest, Woodmere, Ohio 44122
Phone 216.508.4269 – Fax 216.292.4109


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Trash & Recycling

Rubbish collection is twice a week with a separate recycling pickup, receive trash can liners annually.