Paladar Reopens After Substantial Renovations

The wait is over. It has been about a month since the closing and commencement to revamp Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar, but as of today (February 8th), the eatery is reopened and refurnished! Paladar’s Woodmere location, which originally opened in 2007, just recently decided to do some serious renovations. Owner Andy Himmel stated that the reasoning of the revamp is related to positively reflecting their brand, and the image it carries.

The renovations were meant to match the atmosphere formed in their other Paladar locations (Annapolis/Gaithersburg, Maryland & King of Prussia, Pa). Some of these changes are as follows: full renovations to the bar area, larger seating area, upgrades to the bathroom, brand new furniture, and much more. All of these changes are intended to echo the Paladar brand by presenting a traditional atmosphere.

Paladar was already a wonderful place to dine, get a drink, and have a good time. Now, following their reopening, it serves as a place that can do all of that, while providing consistent comfort in a more modern, updated setting.

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