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Job Summary: Wearing SCBA equipment and approved protective clothing, the Firefighter performs active firefighting to include entering burning buildings to rescue victims, advancing charged hose lines into burning structures or areas, combating fire using a variety of fire service tools and equipment; Climbs ground ladders or aerial ladders carrying firefighting or rescue equipment to areas above ground and effects firefighting or rescue from that elevation; Extinguishes all fires as directed (vehicle fires, rubbish fires, brush fires, etc); Rescues victims of crashes, structural collapses, floods and other hazardous conditions; Provides EMS transport/assistance to residents ,non-residents and fellow employees; Drives all Fire Department vehicles

Responsibilities/Essential Functions:

  • A firefighter engages in all aspects of firefighting, victim rescue and the administering of emergency medical assistance
  • Required to clean, maintain and operate all firefighting tools and equipment, including power tools and rolling equipment (vehicles)
  • Responsible for the cleaning and general maintenance of the working and living areas of his assigned duty station, he reports directly to the Fire Officer
  • The firefighter utilizes protective firefighting clothing, firefighting hand tools, power tools and hose lines, nozzles, SCBA equipment, thermal imaging devices, carbon monoxide monitors and cell phones
  • Drives and operates any or all of the following: pumper, aerial ladder truck, tele-squirt, elevated platforms, rescue squad, ambulance, passenger car and utility vehicle
  • May be assigned to either fire station shift assignment


  • Possess and maintain a current State of Ohio Firefighter 2 Certificate
  • Possess and maintain a current State of Ohio Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic certificate
  • Possess and maintain a valid Ohio Driver’s License
  • Must have the physical skills necessary (strength, stamina and endurance) necessary to carry out the demanding physical tasks of the position
  • Applicant must provide their own personal protective ensemble (helmet, hood, coat, pant, boots, gloves) meeting Division standards

Why the Village of Woodmere?

Woodmere is the quaint village located just eleven miles southeast of downtown Cleveland and even closer to the countryside. It’s the Gateway to the Chagrin Valley, and the gateway to more. More opportunities, more possibilities, more experiences.

Only in Woodmere can you find over 300 unique businesses from hi-tech to homemade. We’re the hidden gem nestled on Chagrin Boulevard, right in the heart of it all. Come to Woodmere and discover why we’re the front door to retail, restaurants, rural residential living, and the gateway to more.

Woodmere Village is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran or military status, or any other factor determined to be unlawful by federal, state, or local statutes.


How to apply:

Please email your resume to careers@woodmerevillage.com.  

Fire Chief Johnny Brewington

Fire Chief Johnny Brewington

216-292-4103 ext.1234

Fire Department
216-292-4103 ext. 1232

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