March 9, 2020


Dear Friend & Neighbor,


Friday, March 6, 2020, I participated in a conference call hosted by the Cuyahoga County Health Department and a representative for the Centers of Disease Control. Mayors from throughout Greater Cleveland were briefed on Coronavirus/COVID-19.   


As of today, March 8, 2020, there have been zero confirmed cases of the Corona Virus in Ohio.  However, until the virus is brought under control in the United States and around the globe, the people of Woodmere must do our part to protect against infection.  


You may be aware that details continue to emerge regarding the Coronavirus; it is important that we educate as many people as possible on fact and fiction, and avoid panic. The goal is to take the necessary steps to keep ourselves, our families, and neighbors as healthy as possible. The Cuyahoga County Board of Health indicates the incubation period is officially 2-to-14 days after exposure. People over the age of 60 and those with previous health conditions are at the highest risk.  


Normal signs of infection include respiratory difficulty, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing.  In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia, acute respiratory challenges, kidney failure, and even death.  People with heart and lung disease or with weakened immune systems, as well as infants and older adults, are also at higher risk.


The Village Service Department is sanitizing our buildings and cleaning non-porous surfaces. This is being done in advance of the March 11th  Village Council meeting as well as the March 17th  primary election.  Meanwhile, the CDC recommends residents wash their hands as often as possible and utilize alcohol-based hand sanitizer to decrease infectious agents on the hands.  


The Village Service Department has also placed sanitizer stations around Village facilities. We are exercising an abundance of care to address the public health concern. We are asking that you and your family exercise your best judgement on how you should govern yourself as it relates to social interaction; this recommendation includes travel outside of the State of Ohio, internationally or on cruise ships. 


If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call 1-833-427-5634. 


Trusted resources


  • Cuyahoga County Board of Health
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Ohio Department of Health

I also remind you how important it is to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming primary. Village Hall is the polling location for our community.  It is also important to participate in the 2020 U.S. Census. Forms will start arriving in the mail this month. Please make sure everyone living in your household on April 1, 2020 is recorded on your Census form. This includes newborns with a birth date of April 1.  If you do not respond to the application a Census taker will be assigned to come to your home to assist you in filling out the questionnaire. 


Should you desire to have news, information, and updates on Village occurrences via email or social networking, please visit the Woodmere Village website or call Ms. Daphne Evans at 216 831-9511 to add your name and contact information to the list.


Thank you for your consideration. 




Benjamin I. Holbert, III


Village of Woodmere 


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