Corporal Amy Mengay Retires from Woodmere Police Force

Corporal Amy Mengay is retiring from the Woodmere Police Force and following her dream to move to Alaska at the end of the summer. The Woodmere community would like to thank her for her dedication, involvement in the community and years of service.

Police Chief Sheila Mason sends her well wishes and shares the positive impact Cpl. Megnay has had through her work on Woodmere’s social media pages:

“We are proud of Corporal Amy Mengay, of her accomplishments, and of the contributions that she has made through her years of service with Woodmere Police Department and the community.”

“Social Media is a must: it has increased our public image, helped us capture suspects, and overall the department participation as a team has showcased our various activities. This was Corporal Mengay’s project. She wanted to show the positive sides of Woodmere Police Department, which was a great success.”

“Corporal Mengay’s abilities to motivate others to participate in our social media was an important role in our department coming together as a team, which have resulted in a significant increase in our success with each other, networking with other police departments and she has set the standards for others to follow as far as social media, and community involvement.”

We congratulate Corporal Amy Mengay on her new endeavor and we wish her the very best and great success in the future.

Best Wishes,

Sheila A. Mason, Chief of Police

Officers and Staff of the Woodmere Police Dept.

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