Business Spotlight: Michael Cavotta Photography

I’m a personal branding coach and headshot photographer known for bringing people face-to-face with their authentic selves. I’ve been full-time in the studio since 2010 when I reinvented my life, trading the mercenary work of branding opportunity for the missionary work of branding people. I offer a range of personal branding services, ranging from headshots to photobranding and more.

In 2016, I moved my studio to Woodmere—a stone’s throw away from where I grew up in Moreland Hills. I attended Orange Schools K-12.

What is the secret to taking a good headshot?
Beyond the technical stuff you learn in Photography 101, I would have to say the secret to getting ordinary people to look extraordinary on camera boils down to being the best version of yourself behind it.

What sets you apart from competitors?
I’d like to believe it’s my intuition—an ability to help people see themselves through a different kind of lens. I’ve also got a pretty keen eye for micro expression and the details that separate good from great.

What is your favorite thing about the Woodmere area?
This stretch of Chagrin Boulevard is more than just a great place to work—it’s like home for me. More importantly, the growth and the energy here are a perfect match for me and my clientele. I love being here.

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