Fire Department Training For Efficiency

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Woodmere Fire is training on a number of different tasks for efficiency. Training is serious business. It requires discipline, commitment, planning, progression, intensity and toughness. The physical demands are the same no matter your age or position and that is something that everyone needs to come to terms with. First Responder emergency service requires a commitment and a disciplined approach to strength, endurance and skill efficiency that runs in a straight line from the top of the department to the bottom and from your first day on the job to your last; there is no way around it.

~ Fire Chief Brewington

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Fire Chief John Brewington

Fire Chief John Brewington

Contact via phone at 216-292-4103 ext. 1234 and/or email

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Emergency Community Notification

Having redundant sources of emergency notifications on mobile devices will ensure you get the right message during an emergency.

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