Help First Responders Reach You in an Emergency

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Residential Knox Boxes are secure, residential key safes that can only be access by first responders. With 33% of the US population over age 50, more individuals than ever are home-bound, making home emergencies much more common.

The last thing a person in distress needs to worry about if they are immobilized or in an unresponsive state, is allowing first responders unabated entry into their homes as well as providing them with lifesaving information on-scene.

For additional information please contact the Woodmere Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Service at 216-292-4103 x1234 or visit and select your location (state, city, zip code).

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The Village of Woodmere

The Village of Woodmere

Phone: 216-831-9511
27899 Chagrin Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44122

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Emergency Community Notification

Having redundant sources of emergency notifications on mobile devices will ensure you get the right message during an emergency.

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