Aerial Device and Deck Gun Spring Drill Training

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Aerial device and deck gun spring drill operations:

Quint – Aerial Viper 78-foot aerial built by Rosenbauer and provided by All American Fire Equipment (Canton Office)

A quint has pumps, tanks, ground ladders, an aerial device and hose, hence the term quint—five essential items for firefighting.

A quint is designed to provide five tools for firefighters to carry out these tactical firefighting functions:

  • Supply fires streams (pump and hoses);
  • Provide initial and continuing water supply (pump, water tank, and hoses)
  • Provide personnel with access to elevated areas (ground ladder complement and aerial device)
  • Provide elevated master fire stream (pump, hose, and aerial device)

Deck Gun Master Stream Flow range of 500 to 1000 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

The deck gun is for those situations where you arrive to find a heavy caliber rapid application of water (master stream) is require to impede the fire’s progress and prevent extension to exposure occupancies.

A master stream is used when flows surpass 350 GPM.

Example of Smooth Bore Tip (Nozzle) Sizes and Stream Volume at 80 psi (Pounds per Square Inch)

1 3/8”  =  500 GPM         1 ½”  =  600 GPM       1 ¾”  =  800 GPM       2”  =  1000 GPM

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Fire Chief John Brewington

Fire Chief John Brewington

Contact via phone at 216-292-4103 ext. 1234 and/or email

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